I started this 8 days ago and couldn’t push publish, then I heard this quote by Gil Scott Heron.

A sticker captured in my 1st spring break trip to ever — (New Orleans, Louisiana March 2016)
A sticker captured in New Orleans, Louisiana — March 2016

Enjoy this image, Gil’s quote, and my attempt at bridging the two in order to elucidate my title.

Makes sense?

The catchphrase — what that was all about… the Revolution WIll…

Ft. My 2018 Digital Documentary Midterm with Sounds from Kendrick Lamar’s HiiiiPOWER

This image is a composition of two photos captured by Yemi: The statue of Ghana’s First President, Kwame Nkrumah is overlayed on a photo of three American flags outside of Union Station in Washington D.C.

“And I want everybody to view my autopsy
So you can see exactly where the government had shot me
No conspiracy my fate is inevitable”

— Hiii POWER by Kendrick Lamar

Yemi’s Digital Documentary Photography Midterm from her Senior spring at Columbia

“My issue wasn’t televised and you ain’t gotta tell the wise
How to stay on beat because our life’s an instrumental
This is physical and mental, I won’t sugar coat it
You’ll die from Diabetes…

#StrategicNonConformity #PostGradConfessions

Yemi A.K.A. @Ayyemco on IG + Twitter taking in the Puerto Rican sky…………. Don’t be fooled! she’s in the house hanging out with her laptop keys. This photo was taken on March 16th, 2020.

Happy Resurrection Monday Medium Family!

The celebration of Jesus Christ’s comeback has me thinking about all of the things that need revival in my life. What is dead and yearning to be reestablished? What’s been devalued and downplayed waiting for the sweet breathe of life?

The first thing that came…

A Postgraduate Guide in Four Acts

My Friends and I walking into the uncertainty of adulthood #BlackGraduates by Michael Edmonson


Here are a few things you probably realized since your graduation:

  • You can’t sustain your old spending/ eating/ thrifting habits
  • You need a budget and quick how-to on financial planning
  • You possess too much stuff: knickknacks, shirts, old music tickets, & trash
  • You have to find the middle ground between…

Yemisi Olorunwunmi

This Black Tech Empress is finding her wings. Strap in. Let's Jet 🚀 ||| Twitter: @HelloYemisi

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